"I believe our work should invoke human emotion, not just dazzle the eye. always attempting to evoke emotion in the human connection while pushing the envelope of fantasy and imagination. The connection to our soul is the most important thing in photography. To do this we must know whom we are trying to reach and how to evoke an emotional response from that person. I believe understanding how to do this is the most important aspect of photography.” Founder JAMES MORITZ.

James Moritz, is a long time fashion, advertising and beauty photographer for luxury bands; including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Coty, Chanel, Calvin Klein, ESPIRIT and Jason Wu. He has shot celebrity’s most iconic figures, such as Kate Moss, Renee Fleming, Victoria and David Beckham, Kylie Minogue and Tom Brady.

James realized the growing need for more media to be generated on each project. James partnered with Doug Hill and re-branded as Moritz and Co. We use a team approach to meet all the various needs of today’s market.

Our team was recently responsible for starting up and shooting ALL advertising/editorial media for the first year of operation for MYHABIT.com. We were given the responsibility and creative freedom to shoot branded ad images for each week’s sale events. We pitched creative concepts, handled casting and contracts, set design, equipment, meticulously worked with our hair, makeup and styling teams to create brand conscious looks for each image. We edited/retouched and delivered images and video via our custom online archive created for the client so that the creative team located in another state had immediate access to all media. MYHABIT quickly became an industry leader in selling luxury goods online. Jeff Bezo’s CEO of Amazon said we set a new standard for photography for Amazon that all other fashion departments would have to follow.

Moritz and Company works as the next generation photographer. Seamlessly creating photography, video and multi-media with our team approach. Our vision is to work closely with each client so we can predict each project’s media needs before they arise.

Understanding the needs of each client is our main priority. We can handle as little or as much of each project’s requirements. We are proud to become an extension of your team and can take on any role needed by our clients. We also work well with other agencies and photographers with a team approach to all of our work.

Feedback from clients who have adopted and executed our approach have benefitted from a cohesive vision and work flow which has resulted in significant time and cost savings when compared to using multiple vendors and multiple shoots. For examples of our work go to www.moritzandcompany.com. To discuss your next project please e-mail us at info@jamesmoritz.com.